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Seafood gratin

Ingredients :
300g fish pie mix ( I used Sainsbury's mix of cod, smoked haddock and salmon)
100g of large prawns (cooked or raw)
100g scallops
Milk (enough to cover the fish , to give about 300ml when drained after cooking fish)
1 or 2 tbsp crème fraîche (according to taste)
30g butter
30g flour
2 small leeks
4 to 5 tbsp breadcrumbs mixed with the same of finely grated emmenthal to give pie a good covering
Salt & pepper 
Parsley (to sprinkle on before serving 

Put all fish ingredients in pan with enough milk to cover, bring to the boil, reduce and simmer for about 10mn (until fish is cooked, it may take less if pieces are small). If using cooked prawns, they can be added later.
Drain the milk into a jug and keep fish aside
Melt butter in a pan and add finely chopped leeks, cook until tender. Add the flour and stir until smooth. Off the fire, add the milk to make a white sauce. Replace on the heat and stir continuously until sauce has thickened. Add the crème fraîche. 
Add the fish, prawns and scallops mixture, season and stir gently. 
Pour mixture into an oven proof dish (or 3 individual dishes) 
Sprinkle the breadcrumbs and cheese mixture on the top and brown under a hot grill for a few minutes.

If preparing the mix in advance, the whole gratin can be reheated and brown in a hot oven (190-200)  for about 20mn 
Serve with peas or green beans

This makes 2 large or 3 medium portions