Pear cream flan


1 sweet shortcrust pastry base (homemade or bought)

For the filling:

100g cream cheese

75ml double cream

25g castor sugar

8 dessert pear halves (tinned, drained is ok)

For the glaze:

100g raspberry or red currant jelly

25g castor sugar

1tbsp kirsch

A few toasted flaked almonds for decoration


If making the pastry yourself, bake it blind on 200C for 15mn reduce heat to 180C & cook for a further 15mn) and leave it to cool.

Beat cream cheese, cream and sugar together. 

Heat the raspberry or red currant jelly for 5 min with 1tsp water, the sugar and kirsch until runny.

Put the mixture in the cooled pastry base.

Place the pears, cut side down on the cream mixture. 

Glaze with the jelly and sprinkle with flaked almonds.

Serves 4 

The pears can be replaced with raspberries and sprinkled with a little grated white chocolate, raspberry liqueur in the glaze is good too.