Devil's Food Cake


for the cake

225g plain flour

pinch of salt

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 tsp baking powder

75g pain chocolate (grated)

225 milk

150g butter

275g soft light brown sugar

3 eggs beaten

1 tsp vanilla essence

for the butter cream filling

275g unsalted butter, softened

400g icing sugar

175g plain chocolate (melted)

for the Chocolate Frosting

200g chocolate, melted

75g icing sugar, sieved

150ml soured cream


1 - Grease and line 2 X 23cm sandwich tins. Sift flour, slat, bicarb and

baking powder together into a bowl.

2 - Put chocolate and milk into a pan and stir over gentle heat until

chocolate melts. Remove from heat, stir to cool.

3 - Cream butter and brown sugar together until light and fluffy.

gradually beat in eggs, then add vanilla essence.

4 - Carefully fold in 1/2 the flour into the creamed sugar mixture using a

large metal spoon or firm spatula. DON'T OVERMIX.

5 - Gradually add the chocolate milk and the remaining flour. Divide

evenly between the 2 tins. Bake at Gas 4/180C for 30-35 minutes. (done

when mixture springs back under light finger pressure)

6 - Remove cakes from tins and cool on a wire rack.

7 - to make the filling, cream together butter and icing sugar until light

and fluffy, then beat in the melted chocolate. Divide the mixture in 2 and

spread 1/2 over the bottom cake, then sandwich cakes together.

8 - To make the frosting, put all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk

together. gradually add the remaining butter cream filling. Use a

flat-bladed knife or spatula to coat the sides and top with the frosting,

making swirls.


For a change, you can add some flavourings to the cake batter:

- 10ml of orange juice and 1/2tsp of finely grated orange rind, or

- 1tsp coffee essence (for a mocha cake)or

- 1tsp? (hardly seems worthwhile!!!) brandy for a special occasion