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Ingredients: Makes 20 momos
200g flour
5 tsp rapeseed oil
Finely chopped fillings (eg. lean pork mince, spring onion, shittake mushrooms, chillies and ginger)

Add the oil to the flour with a bit of fine salt. Rub in the oil. Slowly add 100ml of water, mixing well. Knead then cover with cling film and allow to rest for 20 mins. While it is prepare your bamboo steamer by adding some water to a wok and setting to boil and cutting circles of baking paper and piercing holes. Also, combine your fillings and mix well. Once rested, divide your dough into 20 equally sized balls. Roll flat, add some filling to the centre, pinch the sides up to the top and twist to seal. Add straight away to your bamboo steamer. Steam for 10 minutes, you will need to do 2 batches so put the first batch in a warm oven whilst cooking the second batch.