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Yellow egg plum jelly

Yellow egg plums
Cut the plums in 2 and place in a large saucepan ( stones can be left in).
Cover with water to come just under the top of the plums (you can top it up if you see the mixture getting too dry). Cook until the plums are cooked and mushy when stirred (about 10 minutes if using ripe fruit).
Place fruit in a jelly bag over a saucepan overnight. Do not be tempted to squeeze the jelly bag as this would make your jelly cloudy.
Measure the juice obtained and add 500g of sugar for every 500ml of juice. Add pectin as directed if using very ripe fruit or use jam sugar.
Melt the sugar over low heat and then boil rapidly until jelly reaches 104 degrees. (For other testing method, see yellow egg plum jam recipe). Remove from heat, transfer to a glass jug, pour into sterilised jars and seal. Be careful, the jars will be hot!
When cool, label and place in a cool dry place.