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Cheesecake: white chocolate & raspberry

Makes 2
4 Foxes crinkle biscuits (or digestives)
20g butter
50g white chocolate (melted)
1/2 tub of cream cheese
60ml Elmlea double (or double cream)
100g raspberries 
Sugar to taste (depending on sweetness of fruit)
Icing sugar to decorate

1. Put the biscuits in a bag and crush roughly with a rolling pin
2. Melt the butter in a saucepan and, off the heat, add the biscuits. Stir and split the mixture between 2 ramequin dishes pressing with a spoon to make it compact. Put in fridge to cool.
3. Melt the broken up / grated white chocolate over a pan of hot (but not boiling) water, stir until melted. Keep aside off the heat.
4. In a mixing bowl. Place the cream cheese, cream and sugar if used. Mix with an electric whisk until it forms soft peaks. 
5. Add melted chocolate and raspberries (reserving 6 for decoration) stirring gently with a metal spoon or spatula to avoid crushing the fruit too much.
6. Divide the mixture between the 2 ramequins, smooth the surface and decorate with the remaining raspberries. Place in the fridge.
 7. Just before serving, sprinkle with icing sugar. Enjoy!